Shibuya Station

Shibuya Station

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hong Kong Arrival +2

March 31st, 2014

I arrived into Hong Kong on Saturday morning and was sooo anxious to start my new adventure.  My wife met me at the airport and thank goodness that she did since I had a A LOT of luggage.  I simply would not be able to manage it all by myself.  The immigration lines were clear and with my VISA in hand, I am off and running!!!

Photo: Sony RX1
Hong Kong International Airport
Although I was very excited to be here and see my wife again, there was still some anxiety about not seeing my boys yet.  The last time I had seen them was a couple of days ago when they were picked up by the transport service for a series of appointments.  We were able to get them on the same flight so when I took my seat on the plane, I had asked the flight attendant if they could check to make sure the boys were on the plane... They did and they were!!!  I just felt bad about the fact that they would be in a crate for 18-20 hours without getting out.

I am pleased to report that the boys arrived safe and sound and are getting used to their new surroundings.  They were a little rough around the edges (stinky) but nothing that a quick bath couldn't take care of!

Photo: Sony RX1
Before getting picked up.  They have no idea whats about to happen to them...

Time to head off to our new home in Hong Kong.

So far it seems to be pretty easy to get around.  Even though I had a lot of luggage, the train form the airport took us all the way onto Hong Kong island and from there it was a short cab ride home.  It was all pretty painless!

 Photo: Sony RX1
Cab ride to our new home

Despite the fact that I really didn't sleep on the flight, I wanted to be a trooper and head out with Annie.  It was after all Saturday morning and I wasn't feeling too tired (at the time).  After we got the boys all settled in, we jumped on the MTR and headed over to Causeway Bay.  The weather was actually quite nice and it was great to get out and start walking around.

After a little shopping and walking around, we decided to check one of the items off on our household items shopping list.  It was time to go shopping for a dehumidifier.  After a quick dinner at a local food court we made our purchase and headed home.  By this time, I think it was about 4:00am back in Los Angeles so I was fading and fading fast.  We managed to get home though and it was soon off to bed.

Let me just tell you one thing about this de-humidifier.  When we woke up the next morning, we found that the de-humidifier was not on and running.  Come to find out that the tank was already filled up with water!!!  As it stands now, the tank seems to be filling up at least once per day.  Thats a lot of humidity.

Photo: Sony RX100 II
Pizza Hut has sit down restaurants in Asia
Not too crowded right?
Recycled Bricks... I just liked how they looked
The Hong Kong Sevens event was in town
After a good nights rest, it was time to head off once again but Annie had a special treat planned.  I've always liked Rugby but never really followed it. Hong Kong however is home to the Hong Kong Sevens.  An annual event (part of a series) that brings together rugby teams from all over the world.  This is a big event and a must see if you have the chance.  The matches are fast paced and condensed down to 7 minute halves.  Aside from the action, which is exciting to watch, the event is also great for people watching.  As you can see by the image above, people get dressed up and will spend hours on end drinking and watching rugby (yes, I know you cannot have rugby without the drinking).

This was such a cool event and I cannot wait until the sevens are back in town next year.  I am an instant fan :)

Photos: Leica M9 w/ 35mm Summarit 

Thats all for now.  I hope you enjoyed.  A you can see by this post, I will be transitioning to more image rich posts and I'll keep you up to date on which cameras I'll be using.  Stay tuned!


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