Shibuya Station

Shibuya Station

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Visit to Sam Ka Tsuen and Ma Wan Village

I have now been in Hong Kong about two and half months now and right outside of our building, there is this tiny little ferry terminal that I've yet to take anywhere.
It turns out that you can take one of two small ferries across the harbour to either Kwun Tong or Sam Ka Tsuen.  After a quick look online, I decided jump on the ferry and head for Sam Ka Tsuen.  Its home to a small village and visually looked like a place I could make some good images.  Upon landing, you exit the terminal at the Sam Ka Tsuen typhoon shelter.  Being late in the afternoon, there was still some activity on some of the boats.  I find it quite fascinating as it seems that many people spend a lot of time on their boats and in some cases even live on them.

Here is one of the boats were someone clearly lives on it.  They have three dogs and one of the dogs even has his own little barge.

I am not sure what the story is with this dog.  I am guessing his owner took a boat out to the harbour and we he comes back to moor his boat, he'll get into this smaller one and go back ashore with his dog.

In the following image, this guy was using a pulley system to pull out an old piece of timber out of the water.  Maybe he is being resourceful and harvesting the wood for another use... 

After walking to the opposite side of the typhoon shelter, you enter the main part of the village where there are a bunch of seafood restaurants.  Much to my surprise, there were a ton of seafood vendors as well and all of them had tanks full of live seafood. I guess I was surprised because there wasn't a whole lot of foot traffic but that could be a function of the time of day that I went there.  On more than one occasion, the vendors could be seen napping so the rush was likely over and they were perhaps waiting for restaurants to start sourcing for the dinner crowd.

Once you get past all of the restaurants and seafood vendors, its onto the small village of Ma Wan.

I don't know what it is about these carts but in looking at the archive of Hong Kong photos that I am quickly building, I seem to be obsessed with shooting these little carts.  They are everywhere!  If you follow +Dave Powell over at Shoot Tokyo, you'll see that in Japan its all about the traffic cones.  Well I guess Hong Kong is all about these little rusted out carts.

Wide open, the Leica 50 Summilux is just dreamy.  Do I want a Noctilux??? Heck Yeah!  But the Summilux is no slouch so I will not be in the market for a Noctilux anytime soon.

A mix of old and new... The tallest group of buildings in the background is where I call home.

Completely random but I feel like the color and contrast out of the Leica makes it special :)  I really did no post production work on this other than boosting a clarity a tad in Lightroom.

There are a lot of wild dogs roaming around Ma Wan Village but this little guy was clearly well taken care of.  He was super clean and very friendly since he was tethered to the house, it could not get into trouble hanging out with the other misfits.

I only did a quick walk through the village and noticed that its quite a maze of alleyways and houses.  I will definitely be heading back to spend more time and maybe try out one of the restaurants.

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