Shibuya Station

Shibuya Station

Monday, July 14, 2014

Meeting Up in Hong Kong

Its been a little over 4 months since my arrival in Hong Kong and I think I am rapidly approaching the point at which I can no longer call myself a newbie.  Nonetheless, I've still sought opportunities to go out and meet other people interested in photography as a way explore new areas and perhaps find a few friends along the way.
+Gazzaroonii T. is a very talented photographer and I've had the opportunity to go out shooting with him a couple of times.  If you get the chance, you should check out his street photography.  Looking at his work and shooting with him has pushed me in advancing my own work.

Another way I've been able to get out there is through a group for photographers in Hong Kong.  This is an interesting group as it is made up of all skill levels from people just learning how to use their camera to more advanced users.  This is a very friendly group to all newcomers so one need not feel intimidated when attending a shoot.  

One thing that I have found with this group, at least with some newer shooters, is about what settings I use, how I capture certain images or my approach to shooting.  Photography has been a deeply rooted hobby of mine for several years and while I am no pro, I feel like I've gotten to a place with my skill where I can start to give back.  I've found that I rather enjoy taking time to share some of my own insights and approach to shooting.  I am a firm believer that no matter how good a photographer you may be, there is always something to learn about the craft.  As I continue to evolve my own skill and style as photographer, maybe this too will be a new phase of my photographic journey.  

On to the photos!

The first and following image is actually from some solo exploration.  After 4 months, I finally headed to one of the most well known tourist traps.  I had yet to get an image of the iconic skyline so I figured it was about time.  When trying to capture the skyline, I figured there were probably millions of images of the same skyline.  I was thinking about how mine can be different.  There was a junk boat in the harbor, which I believe is always there, so I wanted to work it into my shot.  The result... Its now probably 1 in a few thousand shots instead of one in a million :).  

Leica M240, 35mm Summarit @ f/2.8 , ISO 3200, 1/30th

Leica M240, 35mm Summarit @ f/2.8 , ISO 3200, 1/45th

This image is from our latest meetup group outing where we explored the famed Temple Street Night Market.  This image was actually shot in Yau Ma Tei as we were continuing on to Mong Kok.  What struck me about this image was the conditions this guy was working in.  The weather has been quite hot lately in Hong Kong and working over all of these burners, the conditions must have been brutal. This guy looks like he has a hard life.

Leica M240, 50mm Summilux @ f/1.4 , ISO 1600, 1/125th
One of the challenges in shooting with a group is how to make your images stand out (or at least be different) from everyone elses.  In the case of walking through Temple Street, everyone seemed to be heading down the middle between all of the vendors.  I figured I would head down the sides and shoot from a different perspective.  At first, I thought the following image lacked interest and I was about to delete these but then I ran across this version of the image where I caught the guy looking at the lady.

Leica M240, 50mm Summilux @ f/1.7 , ISO 1600, 1/1500th
Leica M240, 50mm Summilux @ f/1.4 , ISO 1600, 1/4000th
Custom made while you wait!  Pick your belt and buckle combination and he'll build it for you.
Leica M240, 50mm Summilux @ f/4 , ISO 1600, 1/90th
Once we got out of the main Temple Street shopping lane, we came across a number of other stalls down Kansu Street.  This was a mix of fortune tellers, karaoke stalls and sex (toy) stalls.  The karaoke stalls were pretty interesting and seems to be where the working class like to hang and sing.
Leica M240, 50mm Summilux @ f/2.4 , ISO 1600, 1/60th
Leica M240, 50mm Summilux @ f/1.4 , ISO 1600, 1/500th

If you are a shutterbug visiting Hong Kong and are looking to dedicate some time to shooting, I would highly recommend looking up the Hong Kong Photography Club when you are planning your trip to see if they have any upcoming events.  Its a very approachable group and even as a beginner, you won't feel intimidated.  If you are a pro shooter, there are a few advanced users but to a lesser degree. At the end of the day, you may get the opportunity to maybe explore a new area of Hong Kong that you normally wouldn't see as a tourist. 

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